28 August, 2014


Last month, we were hit by the Viral infections, doing the rounds. First the DD, then me, then DH.
DD, thankfully, only had a fever for a couple of days. DH's was a slight runny-nose for the same duration.
Mine, unfortunately, started with an itchy throat. Went up to full-blown sore-throat. Dry-cough, which, eventually, turned into a lower-respiratory infection and nausea. Runny-nose, which turned into a sinus-problem. And a low-grade-fever, which never went away for that entire month. And lastly, body-ache.
Initially, like anyone, I tried the home-remedies, OTC meds, and went about the daily routine, as usual.
By the third week, DH put his foot down and demanded that I see a GP.
Fourth week, I got all better, after seeing the said doc, and taking the resultant treatment.

Now, during my weakest couple of days, the DD had to be kept out of kindergarten, since I didn't have the energy to bathe/dress her, in the morning. What with the DH particular handicap with 4yrs-old hair-styling techniques and all.
So, those few days, and weekends and the hours after school, DD was stuck with a Mum, who refused to budge on most times.
Every parent has gone through these days. So, you know, exactly what I mean.
'Mamma, can we go the playground now, please?'
'Mamma, could you help me with these crafts, please?'
'Mamma, can I play in your kitchen, please?'
'Mamma, won't we go swimming, again?'
As if, you don't feel guilty enough!
You try to comply with most pf their requests. But then, there are times, when you know, you'd faint and fall, if you tried standing up.

So, how did I get through with last month, you ask?
1) Tried to send her to school, irrespective of how bad my health was, that morning
2) Kept a plastic stool for myself, to sit and bathe her
3) DH dropped and picked her from school, on five of my sickest days
4) Kept loads of puzzles, crafts, colouring-supplies, books, etc. by my bedside, to DD occupied
5) Made it a point to take her to the playground, every single day, unless I felt dizzy, getting-up
6) Cooked only simple ane single-pot meals on all of those sickest days. Like vegetable-rice, lentil-breads, veggie-soups, etc.
7) And lastly, I also tried to Google at least one, interesting activity for DD, every day, which she could sit beside me in the bed, and do

Every time, I look at my daughter, I can't help but remember how tiny she was, when born.
Oh! How I'm going to miss these days, with her. And how I dread her teen-years...S m i l e